Recent Projects

TE RAPA BYPASS - Economical lighting strategy

The Te Rapa bypass is a key section of the planned improvements to the SH1 known as the Waikato Expressway. This section is expected to improve economic growth and productivity by connecting the business centres in the north western corner of Hamilton City to those in Auckland and the Bay of Plenty.

The lighting strategy focussed on the safety of all road users - drivers, cyclists and pedestrians, with fewer or no lights on rural sections and V3 category at intersections, cycleway and pedestrian crossings in the more urban areas.


The main roadway is lit with High Pressure Sodium with Ceramic Metal Halide providing white light to highlight intersections, roundabouts, cycleways and pedestrian crossings.

Kaos highway lighting luminaires fitted with a mix of High Pressure Sodium and Ceramic Metal Halide lamp technologies are used on the Te Rapa bypass