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9-LED modular device for outdoor lighting which can be used in any of the TabLED range of fittings.

Body and heatsink in extruded aluminium.
Closing screen in flat tempered glass (4mm thickness).
LED placed on moulded circuits in aluminium substrate. Thermo-conductive material applied between dissipater and moulded circuits in order to guarantee a better thermal continuity between the LED plates and the main body of the appliance.

Dimensions: 140x140x49mm.
Protection degree IP66.
Insulation class II.

This device is classified in the “EXEMPT GROUP” category (zero photo-biological risk) in accordance with norm EN 62471 and is equipped with “COMFORT LIGHT OPTIC”, an optic system capable of optimizing the luminous flux of each LED and of reducing blinding effects.

Colour temperature of the LED source: 3950K
CRI (colour rendering index): ≥65
LED feeling current: 500/525/700mA (T 25°c).

Available options include
Available Optics:
ST: asymmetric optic for street lighting.
S: symmetric optic.
OC: asymmetric optic for cycle path lighting.
SP: Spot lighting
FR: Remote phosphors