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Q Pro is an architectural lighting device for floodlighting areas. The spot optic can used to striking effect on buildings and structures. You can use a combination of flood lights and spot optics to create a superb evening ambience.

It is available in 2 sizes and consists of an upper and lower frame in die-cast aluminium.

Flood light is mounted by means of support in extruded aluminium.

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Available options include
QPRO is equipped with 4 different kinds of optics:
AS - Asymmetrical Optics for lighting the exterior of buildings and other large areas
SP - Spot Optics for lighting buildings
S - Symmetrical Optics for lighting buildings and other large areas
ST - Asymmetrical Optics for street lighting.

Available wattages:
Q3 PRO - from 26W to 150W
Q5 PRO - from 100W to 1000W*
*600W-1000W-2X400W with external ballast.