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The I-TRON luminaire delivers high efficiency and reliability, assured long lifetime and rapid payback. I-TRON series has been developed to meet the most complex lighting requirements through its wide range of size, optics and dimming options.

I-TRON Series is available in two different sizes: I-TRON Zero and I-TRON 1.

Both the models are equipped with specific high efficiency aluminium optics, which assure excellent lighting level performance for different street applications.

I-TRON Zero and I-TRON 1 are part of AEC Greenlight products range, designed according to the strictest Standard for sustainable environment.

Modular optical system.
LED light source colour temperature: 4000K (optional 3000K).
CRI ≥70.
IP66 Protection degree.
IK09 Mechanical resistance
Insulation class: I - II.
Power supply: 220÷240V - 50/60Hz.
LED current: 525/700 mA.
Power Factor: > 0.9 (at full load)

Available options include

Available Optics

Dimming Options:
F: Fixed power not dimmable (base version).
DA: Automatic dimming (virtual midnight) with default profile.
DAC: Custom DA profile.
FLC: Constant light flux.
PLM: Power line single point communication system.
WL: SWireless single point communication system.
DB: Bi-power light flux adjustment with pilot cable
DR: Light flux adjustment with flux controllers
DALI: Digital dimming interface DALI.
D10: Flux adjustment via 1-10v analogue control.
NEMA: Integrated IP66 NEMA socket for control devices (up to 7-pin).
NEMA (On-Off Only)
NEMA-D10 (For control 1-10V)