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EcoEvo is a stylish urban lighting device designed to enhance your streetscape, pedestrian and cycleway projects.

It is available in 2 very distinctive styles - EcoEvo2 consisting of a semi-spherical upper canopy and EcoEvo3 has a semi-spherical canopy with flat top.

Both have a perimeter and lower frame constructed in die-cast aluminium and upper canopy in aluminium sheet.

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Available options include
Optics available:
ST: Asymmetrical Optics for street lighting
OC: Asymmetrical Optics for cycle and pedestrian routes
OP: Asymmetrical Optics for pedestrian crossings

Wattages available:

  • from 70W to 250W SHP
  • from 70W to 250W MHL
  • from 80W to 125W MBF